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Most people who start a fitness program are interested in improving overall wellness. Your goal could be to lose weight, gain a few pounds of lean muscle mass, improve in the sport of your choice, or make everyday activities seem easier. Others have had life-altering events that afforded them another opportunity for a healthy life.

Often people begin a new program with good intentions, but soon lose interest because of the lack of structure and support provided by a fitness program and a Personal Trainer.

Threshold offers many programs for individuals and groups with varied interests. Our programs are individualized and structured for you and only you. Everyone is programmed with a different genetic makeup, and we can help you to attain the most with yours.

After being assessed, you and your trainer determine which areas of fitness need improvement. With this in mind, a combination of programs can be provided to help you to reach your goals in a way that is specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, and properly timed.

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Additional featured programs are:

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